Project Work Missons

Work missions related to Research Projects will be funded to carry out activities related to the execution of research projects in international cooperation, with the possibility of presenting research results in congresses and international events of greater expression in the area of knowledge and / or technical visits in institutions to prospect new partnerships.

The aids will be destined to professors linked to the Unisinos Graduate Programs in Administration, Communication, Applied Computing, Design and Education, whose name appears in the Brazilian team members of the projects under the PrInt Program.

» EDITAL Nº 02/2019 - Missões de Projeto de Pesquisa (PDF)



Institutional Missions

The institutional missions are activities carried out by members of the Management Group or representatives appointed by the Management Group, focused on the feasibility of projects and international partnerships.

» EDITAL Nº 03/2019 - Missões Institucionais (PDF)