Management Group

PrInt Unisinos is managed by a Management Group composed of the following members:

Prof. Alsones Balestrin, PhD, Provost of Academic and International Affair
Prof. Dorotea Kersch, PhD, Director of Graduate Studies Office
Prof. Claudia Bitencourt, PhD, Business Administration Graduate Program
Prof. Maura Lopes, PhD, Education Graduate Program
Prof. Carlo Franzato, PhD, Design Graduate Program
Prof. Sandro Rigo, PhD, Applied Computing Graduate Program
Prof. Adriana Amaral, PhD, Communication Graduate Program
Prof. Leonel Rocha, PhD, Law Graduate Program
Prof. Gelsa Knijinik, PhD, Education Graduate Program
Prof. Emmanuel Raufflet, PhD, HEC Montreal
Prof. Flaviano Celaschi, PhD, University of Bologna

You can contact the group by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meeting Minutes:

» Ata de seleção e resultado preliminar - Edital 01/2019 (PDF)

» Ata de análise de recurso - Edital 01/2019 (PDF)