Program at Unisinos

In the Administration program at Unisinos, you will develop competencies for working strategically in various organizational environments. Based on solid knowledge, the undergraduate program prepares you to have an ethical and critical stance, concern for sustainability, an innovative outlook and an enterprising spirit. As an administrator, you will be responsible for planning and carrying out actions aimed at better use of resources – financial, human and material – in order to maximize the results of organizations, with a positive impact on society and the environment.

You and the Market

The job market is very broad, with a wide range of opportunities in small, medium and large organizations, as well public, private or third sector companies. Administrators may exercise responsibilities related to management, coordination, supervision and advisory and consulting activities, working in sectors such as commercial, marketing, logistics, procurement and human resources, among others.

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Semester 1
Professional Training of Administrators (4 credits)
Administrative Process Basics (4 credits)
Market Economy (4 credits)
Culture and Training (4 credits)
Mathematics for Administration (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 2
Management by Processes (4 credits)
Administration Theories (4 credits)
Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
Quantitative Methods and the Decision-Making Process (4 credits)
Investment Analysis (4 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Practices (4 credits)
Administration Exchange I (4 credits) OR Social Project I (4 credits)


Semester 3
Basics of Operations and Logistics (4 credits)
Basics of People Management (4 credits)
Short-term Financial Administration (4 credits)
Brazilian and International Economic Situation (4 credits)
Cost Analysis and Management (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 4
Information System Management (4 credits)
Basics of Marketing (4 credits)
Project Management (4 credits)
Corporate Budget (4 credits)
Corporate Law (4 credits)
Latin America, Development and Sustainability (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 5
Strategic Administration (4 credits)
Innovation Management (4 credits)
Cooperation Networks (4 credits)
Internationalization of Companies (4 credits)
Marketing Research (4 credits)
Additional Activities

Semester 6
Ethics and Business (4 credits)
Organizational Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4 credits)
Research Methodology in Administration (4 credits)
Long-term Financial Administration (4 credits) )
Operational Research (4 credits)
Management Laboratory (4 credits)
Afro-descendants in Latin America (4 credits)
Study Trip (4 credits) OR Social Project II (4 credits)


Semester 7
Negotiation (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Supervised Internship (4 credits)
Final Course Paper (4 credits)

Semester 8
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Free Choice (4 credits)
Free Choice (4 credits)
Final Course Paper II (4 credits)

Elective Activities in the area of Finance
Tax Planning (4 credits)
Risk, Return and Capital Markets (4 credits)
International Finance (4 credits)
Credit Analysis and Assessment (4 credits)
Contemporary Topics in Finance (4 credits)

Elective Activities in the area of People Management and Organizational Behavior
Leadership and Group Processes (4 credits)
Strategic People Management (4 credits)
Organizational Behavior Management (4 credits)
Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management (4 credits)
Work Relationships (4 credits)

Elective Activities in the area of Marketing
Services Marketing (4 credits)
Sales Strategies (4 credits)
Strategic Marketing (4 credits)
New Product Development (4 credits)
Consumer Behavior and Organizational Buyers (4 credits)

Elective Activities in the area of Operations and Logistics
Operations Strategies (4 credits)
Inventory, Transport and Localization Strategy (4 credits)
Simulation Applied to Operations and Logistics (4 credits)
International Logistics and Distribution (4 credits)
Supply Chain Management (4 credits)

Other Elective Activities
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (4 credits)
Afro-descendants in Latin America (4 credits)
Indigenous Peoples in Contemporary Latin America (4 credits)
Inclusion and Accessibility in Professional Contexts (4 credits)
Deaf Culture and Brazilian Sign Language (4 credits)

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Administration students at Unisinos have the opportunity to engage in national and international exchanges, allowing them to learn about other realities, through the university's partnerships with other institutions.

Accreditation: Ordinance SERES 564/2014 - DOU October 1, 2014, p. 10

Course Coordinator: Claudia Stadtlober and Fernando de Oliveira Santini
E-mail: administracao@unisinos.br
Phone: 3590-8151

Duration at Unisinos: 184 credits - 3,168 class hours + 360 hours of additional activities (minimum time: 4 years; maximum time: 8 years)

Course offered on the Porto Alegre and São Leopoldo campuses and in distance education format.