International Programs


Both initiatives are supported by the Brazilian Government at the Graduate Level.


The Students’ Program for Graduate Studies (Programa de Estudantes - Convênio de Pós-Graduação), known as PEC-PG, grants scholarships for master's and PhD candidates. The program focus on increasing the skills of professors, researchers and graduates of higher education from developing countries with which Brazil keeps cooperation agreements for Education, Culture, Science and Technology.


The Graduate Program MCT-Mz/CNPq encourages the participation of Mozambican students in graduate programs in Brazil, through scholarships for research projects on relevant areas chosen by the Government of Mozambique.

How to apply:

Before applying on the Programs website, the student needs to ask for its Acceptance Letter at Unisinos.



The Acceptance Letter will not guarantee the students’ scholarship, since it only indicates that the candidate is able, from an academic view, to develop the required activities in Brazil. To apply for one of the programs, it is necessary to access the website of its funding agency and complete its application.

Visit the programs' websites: