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The programs focus on strict academic sense linked to scientific research and teaching. In this level  the master's, professional master's and doctoral degrees are regarded. After concluding the program, the students receive the title of Master or PhD.

Unisinos has 19 Doctoral Degree Programs, 19 Master's Degree Programs and 7 Professional Master's Degree Programs.

The Master's is directed to graduate teaching and research. With an academic nature, scientific and technical expertise, so as to form researchers and professors to teach at the higher education.

The Professional Master's improves the skills for scientific research focused on the qualification of professionals already experienced in the labor market. The course encourages the development of new techniques and processes, and allows the continuation of academic studies. The professional master's degree guarantees the same rights of the academic master's, which gives to the students who complete the course, the title of Master.

The Doctorate, the highest academic degree recognized by the higher education institutions, is intended to improve research in a particular field of the sciences and broaden the expertise of teaching.

The international integration is one of the directives that guides the Graduate Programs of Unisinos, which has agreements with a broad network of educational institutions around the world, facilitating the exchange of students and knowledge. Missions are regularly arranged in several countries in addition to training programs.



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