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Executive Education

The Executive Education is aimed at updating  professional qualification and has a more technical nature. It is targeted to the growth of the professionals and the organizations they work for, through the improvement of knowledge on a specific field.

With the experience of who offers those programs since the 1970's, Unisinos covers all fields of knowledge in its schools: Humanities, Health, Criative Industries, Law, Business and Polytechnic. Unisinos provides 68 Specialization programs, 27 MBA, 5 Post-MBA, and 4 MBE. Students have given the Unisinos MBA certificate a high grade as a means of obtaining professional promotions.

Currently, Unisinos has its programs available in four venues in the state of Rio Grande do Sul: São Leopoldo, Porto Alegre, Caixas do Sul and Canoas. Furthermore, the university provides distance learning programs throughout  Southern Brazil.



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